Indian ITeS and BPO industry has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the recent past and is expected to continue thanks to the resource cost advantage which the multinational companies enjoy. With increasing pressure on costs; the process as well as the systems have become heavily dependent on technology and it has led to digitalization of most business processes. Almost all critical functions are now performed by automated systems.

With such high dependence on the technology, the whole dynamics of the risks involved have shifted from human risks to more technological risks. Innovation drives technology and blazes new trails to move us forward each day. Yet with innovation comes risk which can quash creativity and limit potential. It has become prudent for the companies to seek expert help in identifying the risk and deciding upon the insurance cover that suits their requirements.

The most prominent risks faced by the ITeS and BPO industry are

  • Cyber crime
  • System hacking
  • Directors legal liability
  • Damage to property by fire, burglary, etc.
  • Manpower retention

Insurance solutions for IT/ ITeS/ BPO include

  • Property insurance
  • Professional indemnity- claims arising due to misjudgment by the professional
  • Commercial crime insurance
  • Cyber liability - system damage, business interruption, brand protection
  • Commercial and general liability
  • Group overseas travel insurance
  • Group medi-claim
  • Group term insurance
  • Special contingency insurance - kidnap, ransom and extortion
  • Credit risk - insolvency or nonpayment of dues
  • Political risks - Riots, strike, war, forced evacuation
  • Group health insurance

At Viskon, we analyze all the risks associated with your business and provide you the best possible insurance solution with best insurance company and policies that suit your need.

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