• Detailed analysis of existing Insurance Covers.
  • Carry out thorough inspection of Risk premises including Risk Management systems.
  • Map your existing covers on the risks that need to be covered.
  • Identify any uncovered risks and gaps in the insurance cover.
  • Optimize the cost of insurance coverage.


  • Identify various Insurance covers required to cover the associated risks.
  • Scan the complete market to identify the best underwriters.
  • Obtain & Evaluate offers received from various underwriters for finding the best solutions.
  • Negotiate with the underwriters to customize the policy cover and to obtain best possible rates.


  • Analysis of risks to be covered.
  • Identification of Insurance cover to be purchased.
  • Discussions on sum Insured.
  • Selection of the Underwriters for quotations.
  • Technical & Commercial Evaluation of quotations received.
  • Negotiations with the Underwriters & Placement of Insurance business.