The logistics and transport industry is faced with unique insurance challenges as the delivery time is very tightly scheduled and the costs of replacement of machinery and goods and people in transit are very high. Therefore, it is very difficult to manage the risk of the business independently.

Insurance companies today specialize in tailor made insurance solutions to give you peace of mind. The breadth of the cover can extend to legal liabilities, whether arising under contract, national law or international conventions. In addition to these liabilities, the cover also includes errors and omissions, third party liabilities (including bodily injury and pollution), costs and liability for fines or other penalties imposed by an authority. This should also cover any risks arising from loss or damage to owned or leased equipment wherever it is located, thus protecting capital investments against accidental or weather damage. Machine breakdown and increased costs of working following an accident are also insured with this insurance.

Businesses that should invest in Logistics and Transportation Insurance

  • Private taxi hire and self drive hire
  • Railways
  • Trucks and container transport companies
  • Ports and marine terminals
  • Airports and airline
  • Tour operators

At Viskon, we analyze all the risks associated with your business and provide you the best possible insurance solution with best insurance company and policies that suit your need.

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