When it comes to infrastructure development and contractor businesses, there are multiple dimensions that go towards efficient project management. One has to not only keep track of delivery and payments for building material, hiring of sub-contractors and financial institutions that have invested in the project, but also manage the numerous risks associated with each dimension.

Therefore, it is extremely important to protect your project against all potential risks, so that you can focus on making your business grow. It is very important to have a blanket policy that covers each and every aspect and stages of the construction process in order to reduce risks.

The risks that are generally exposed to construction organizations and Infrastructure developers are mentioned below. These risks may impede the smooth functioning of the organization and may cause financial losses.

Risk to Project

Managing risk is an important part of any business. The loss or damage to the construction site due to natural catastrophes, fire, accidents and so forth is included in this.

Risk to Machinery

This covers the loss of machines and other equipment due to accidents on site.

Risk to Material

This covers any loss of material in transit or during storage.

Liability Risks

The business is not Liable towards any third party in the event of an accident, injury and loss of property within project.

Risks to Manpower

This covers any accidents at work on site or off site as well as any diseases and illness.

At Viskon, we analyze all the risks associated with your business and provide you the best possible insurance solution with best insurance company and policies that suit your need.

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