Claims Management:

We follow a simple approach for Claims management : Make it Easy & Faster!

We at Viskon understand that businesses that purchase insurance cover expect to receive a high-quality claims handling service from their insurer or broker. At Viskon, we offer a range of services that go beyond claims handling, in order to help organizations optimize costs and improve efficiency.

The Claims service at Viskon has a unique blend of skills and experience designed to provide a comprehensive, innovative and tailored claims service to meet our client's needs.

Claims Consulting

Our claims service team negotiates with insurers to obtain the best possible terms on your behalf, co-ordinate and manage all aspects of the claim and help you to protect your cash flow, brand and reputation.

Claims Analytics

We use predictive analytics for identifying claims patterns and common causes to enable our clients to reduce the count and magnitude of their losses. We provide consulting services on for fraud detection, analysis and suggested action plans to assist this process.

Claims Training University

Claims administration is often done by client's staff that is not equipped with the right set of knowledge & experience. We train them in effective claims administration, thus improving business efficiency, optimizing costs and quick settlement.

Features of our Liability services

  • Early investigation of incidents and claims
  • Early assessment of liability and likely level of damages
  • Settlement of claims on an objective commercial basis
  • Minimization of legal and other costs
  • Strategic, comprehensive defense of litigated claims
  • Identifying claims trends and risks that can be included in Risk Management plans